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Ascension Virtuoso 5460P Vertical Portable Wheelchair Lift


wheelchair lift durableThe Ascension Virtuoso vertical portable wheelchair lift provides access to stages and platforms for individuals with disabilities. The lift is completely self-contained and compact, requiring no additional components. The portability feature makes it possible to provide accessibility in multiple locations with just one lift.

The design of the Ascension Virtuoso 5460P makes it the premium portable lift for customers who want more than just the status quo. First and foremost, the lift does not require a machine tower as part of its construction, representing the most immediate visual and aesthetic difference between the Ascension lift and other portable lifts on the market.

wheelchair lift compactThe Ascension Virtuoso 5460P also does not have an access ramp at the lower landing, so patrons can enter the lift directly at floor level. This unique design package gives the lift a clean, professional look and contributes to the overall aesthetic quality that customers have come to expect with an Ascension lift.

The Ascension lift offers superior performance and durability, while saving a significant amount of floor space. You also get a product designed to blend into any interior architecture and décor. Whether you select the lift for its attractive appearance or because of its reliable operation, the Ascension portable lift will prove to be a valuable asset for any facility.

wheelchair lift collegeEvery lift ships as a fully assembled product. There is no installation; the lift plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet and is ready for use. No building alterations or site preparations are required.

The Ascension portable lift is rugged and durable enough for a variety of applications, whether for multiple uses within a particular building (convention center) or for relocation throughout an entire area (school district). The lift is also weather-hardened for temporary outdoor use.

The Ascension Virtuoso 5460P provides for independent use by individuals with disabilities and meets ADA requirements. The lift is also CE marked for European distribution.

Ascension portable wheelchair lifts have become the lift of choice for many prestigious and prominent public facilities in the United States. Please refer to our complete customer list.

Where can Ascension wheelchair lifts be used? Ascension vertical wheelchair lifts are the optimal choice for schools, colleges and universities, convention centers, auditoriums, arenas, churches and synagogues, hotels, conference centers, parks and recreational facilities, casinos, historic buildings, courthouses, senior activity centers, outdoor amphitheaters, fairgrounds, commercial buildings, company offices, retail stores, museums, various institutional buildings, government facilities, performing arts centers, orchestra pits, and cafetoriums/gymnatoriums.


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