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Ascension Virtuoso 5460P Vertical Portable Wheelchair Lift

Product Features


Setup & Operations

The Ascension Virtuoso vertical portable wheelchair lift sets up in minutes. No installation is required. Use the lift when and where you need it, then simply store it away.


The lift is easily moved by one person and rolls on its own casters, which are then quickly removed during the setup process in order to provide a stable platform for operation. Every Ascension portable lift operates on conventional 120-volt power, draws only 15 amps, and plugs into any standard outlet.


In terms of space requirements, the lift only takes up 5-1/2' of floor space in front of a stage, making it ideal for auditoriums or other venues with limited space between the stage and seating area. This small footprint also saves a significant amount of floor space when compared to ramps.


The Ascension portable lift features superior functionality with clearly marked operating controls, an easily accessible stage adjustment device, and a hinged dock plate for a smooth transition between the lift platform and surface of the stage.


For easy transport over long distances, the Ascension lift can also be moved by forklift, truck, or trailer to multiple locations. The lift requires a storage space of only 48" x 66".


Since the Ascension Virtuoso vertical portable wheelchair lift is weather-hardened, it provides new opportunities for outdoor facilities, such as amphitheaters, parks and recreation facilities, and fairgrounds to access stages or platforms up to 60" high.


Parameters for outdoor use:

  • The lift's electrical system is sealed against water penetration in order to prevent electric shock to the user and to

    protect the system from water damage.

  • Every Ascension Virtuoso portable wheelchair lift is powder-coated to ensure resistance to both the sun and rain.

    The safety skirt that surrounds the lifting mechanism is also resistant to the sun and rain.

  • The lift can be operated in temperatures ranging from 45°F (7.2°C) up to 100°F (37.8°C). However, do not operate the lift

    if the safety skirt is iced over, as the skirt could be damaged as it expands or contracts.

  • Corrosion protection package option available for extended outdoor use in coastal or marine environments.
  • Cold weather package option available for use in temperatures down to 5°F (-15°C).
  • Extreme temperature package option available for use in temperatures above 100°F (37.8°C).
  • The lift comes with 3.5" diameter hard rubber casters; larger 6" diameter hard rubber casters are available for use on

    uneven or rough surfaces.

  • Ascension Virtuoso portable wheelchair lifts are to be stored indoors.


Performance & Maintenance

All Ascension Virtuoso lifts reach 60", have a rated lifting capacity of 750 pounds, and provide user-friendly operation with a complete product safety package. The lifts feature a 54" long platform to accommodate individuals in scooters and over-sized wheelchairs.


The side walls and gates are made of high-impact transparent thermoplastic, making the Ascension Virtuoso lift unobtrusive to audiences. The passenger also has a clear view of the surroundings. With its comfort and ease of use, the lift offers accessibility for all ages.


The Ascension Virtuoso wheelchair lift can be used while an event is in progress. The lift represents an attractive accessibility solution and its quiet operation will not interrupt a performance. This makes it easy for individuals with disabilities to participate in stage or platform-related activities, such as graduation ceremonies or musical performances. The lift provides a smooth ride and will not draw unnecessary attention to passengers.


All Ascension Virtuoso wheelchair lift models come with a standard 20-year drive train warranty (pump, motor, and hydraulic cylinders), 5-year parts, and 1-year labor warranty, setting an unparalleled industry benchmark. We want to ensure that you will be satisfied with the long-term performance and dependable service of every Ascension wheelchair lift.


Ascension Virtuoso 5460P Warranty (PDF)


Every lift comes with an Operating Manual, Maintenance & Repair Manual, and a Setup & Operations DVD for complete product training and orientation. The lift is virtually maintenance-free. Routine maintenance can be performed by building owner personnel. No special training is required.

The Ascension Virtuoso vertical wheelchair lift product line features a standard safety package to protect both the passenger and public.


  • All four sides of the platform are 43" high, making the lift safe for persons using crutches or walkers
  • Durable safety skirting completely encloses the operating components and the underside of the platform
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) shuts off power in case of partial or complete short circuit or current overload
  • Gate interlock to prevent accidental opening of lower landing gate
  • Structural safety factors as specified in ASME A18.1
  • Lift will not move if either gate is open
  • Hydraulic hand pump can raise and lower the lift without power
  • Slip resistant surfaces on the platform floor and dock plate
  • Lift will not operate when in transport mode
  • Self-closing platform gates for added protection



Ascension offers several options to accommodate the unique requirements of your facility. To learn more about all of the options available, please download Ascension's Options Brochure.


  • Lift cover
  • Stanchion package for lift recall at floor and stage level
  • Larger casters for uneven or rough surfaces and improved outdoor portability
  • Alternate colors
  • Vandal-resistant controls
  • Stairbridge for access over stairs (adjustable version also available for different stage heights)
  • Backup power supply
  • Outdoor use package for extended outdoor use in coastal, marine, and cold weather (down to 5°F) environments
  • Extreme temperature package for use in temperatures above 100°F
  • Extended warranty plans
  • Stage guard for 38" to 60" stages
  • Alarm for passenger assistance request
  • On-site training


The Ascension Virtuoso vertical portable wheelchair lift can be relocated through doorways as narrow as 36" using the narrow doorway pass-through feature.


The lift is compressed and then pushed through the door on its own casters. With this innovative capability, the Ascension Virtuoso lift may be used in virtually any building with single doorways, such as older schools. The narrow doorway pass-through capability requires a simple tool kit from Ascension.


IMPORTANT: The Ascension Virtuoso vertical portable wheelchair lift ONLY needs to be modified if relocation through an opening of less than 48" is required.


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